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The kit contains: 2 new IFS brackets, 2 Upper Control Arm Relocation Mounts, 8 1/2″ grade 8  bolts, 8 1/2″ flat washers, 8 1/2″ lock nuts, 4 5/8-11 grade 8 bolts, 4 5/8 flat washers, 2 5/8 lock nuts.

Featured on Trucks TV. 2010 Season Rolling Thunder Part 8.


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THIS PART IS BACK IN STOCK. We made a limited to run to answer the demand for this product.This kit is designed for use with SN-95 spindles and 17″ wheels. If you have any questions regarding suitability for your application please inquire. If you are using the FFR complete kit with PBR dual piston calipers, or the same PBR dual piston calipers sourced elsewhere please tell us when ordering. You will need 2 M8 x 1.25 x 25mm Button head cap screws to replace your existing hex headed upper caliper mount bolts. Be sure to use loctite or equivalent on the threads.

This is David Borden’s own design. The SAI kit is designed to optimize the FFR front suspension geometry. This kit will give you better performance and steering feel on both the track and the street. It does this by bringing specific geometries inline with known standards.

The kit lowers the Steering Axis Inclination from 18+ degrees to approximately 9 degrees. This will reduce camber loss during turn-in increasing front end grip and reducing the need for negative static camber. In addition it will have a positive effect on steering feel.

It lowers the roll center from approximately 5″ to approximately 3.5″ to better match the 3 link and IRS rear suspension options. This will increase front end grip and reduce jacking.

It brings caster trail inline with standard one piece SLA spindles increasing steering linearity and reduce steering twitchiness at freeway speeds.

Here is a link to the install instructions

Thanks to David Borden, Dan Pellow and Richard Oben for all their work in making this kit possible.

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