IRS Spherical Bearing Kit


David Borden and Whitby Motorcars have teamed up again to create another product for your FFR car. This time it is an affordable spherical bearing kit for your IRS equipped FFR.

The spherical bearing kit allows bind free movement of the suspension. The lower adapters eliminate the deflection in the rubber bushings that cause toe change in braking and acceleration. Their pivot is very close to the axle center line, so the forces on those bushings are very high during corner loads.

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THIS PART IS OBSOLETE Suspension redesigns have made it no longer economical to stock this assembly. A group buy of 30 and we could produce another run at a price the market could bear.
For example, a small .05″ change in each lower rubber bushing can cause more than a significant .125″ toe change at each wheel. They also eliminate the deflection in the rubber bushings that cause dynamic camber loss when cornering. The same forces that affect toe will also affect camber when the suspension is loaded in a corner. As forces increase, you loose camber, reducing grip. The upper adapters will eliminate bind and also reduce dynamic camber loss.

The kit is offered in two options a lower kit which includes 4 bearing assemblies for the lower rear spindle mount and a full kit which includes 6 bearing assemblies for the lower and upper rear spindle mount. The lower kit is $299.00, the complete kit is being offered at an introductory price of $425.00. The parts are made from steel and plated yellow zinc. The kit is complete with FK bearings, and grade 10.9 14MM hardware. You will get everything you need to complete your install except Loctite. This kit is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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